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Prayer Request: D R Congo
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D R Congo (May 7, 2018)

Prayer Request:
=13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxHi,I req=10ptuested prayer for North Korea,=10ptbecause I was afraid if I send you praise report too late,[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=10ptyou don't remember me so I send you other prayer I pray for other time.[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]Would you please pray for D R Congo? [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=10pt-D R Congo-[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]Would you please pray for D R Congo? [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxSituated in Central Africa, past 25 years suffered devastating civil war's D R Congo need your prayer. [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]There are =13.33px400 thousand rape victims.(A l=13.33pxot of them are infected with HIV, h=13.33pxalf of them 'fistula',which 90% of them cannot get any treatment)[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxPrevalence of genocide and torture for civilians were ubiquity past 25 years.[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxWould you please pray for 450 thousand refugees,=13.33px93% children don't have malaria protection,=13.33px4 million orphans,and for whom suffering torture.Most urgent,[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxI'd like to request prayer=13.33px f=13.33pxor chi=13.33pxldren =13.33pxunder five years old =13.33pxpneumonia=13.33px,=13.33pxdiarrhea=13.33px,malnutrition,tuberculosis,malaria,low birth weight.=13.33px(also=13.33px 5 to 12 =13.33pxyears)=13.33px(Which m=13.33pxost children are dying today).[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxPlease pray to =13.33pxend the ci=13.33pxvil war,and for =13.33pxno more genocide happens.[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxAdd some =13.33pxmore information,there are 30 thousand =13.33pxchild soldiers.Using as human shields,a=13.33pxmong them there exist =13.33px7,8 years old boys know nothing.F=13.33pxor girl child, t=13.33pxh=13.33pxey cannot escape trampling for them.=13.33px(I'd like to express that in D R Congo among victim of rape exist disable)[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]=13.33pxMost thing =13.33pxmind me was=13.33px that there were=13.33px girl child soldiers give up themselves because have no power.[/color] =13.33pxI'd like to add a short film for malaria in D R Congo: =13.33px =12px(If I add one thing,with D R Congo sharing border's Central African Republic has exactly same prayer items; 25 years war history, Pneumonia,malaria for children under 5 years old, Would you please pray for it also?) =12px[color=#000000]=13.33pxThank you for your =13.33pxcontinuous prayer for=13.33px suffering D R Congo (and C.A.R)[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000] [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]Name : JONGHYUK LEE =13.33pxAddress : 801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea Republic of [/color] =13.33px[color=#000000]Phone : 827082584660 Email :[/color] =13.33px[color=#000000] [/color]  

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