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Prayer Request: Intercessory Prayer unite together
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Steve Thunder

Intercessory Prayer unite together (Jul 3, 2017)

Prayer Request:
Father in heaven through Jesus Christ of Nazareth Name break all that keeping us all held back Now? Where is our supernatural deliverance from whatever grieves our selves constantly! Thank you for all the stumbling coldest of getting fed up after while of helping Becky! What plagues us is most likely inner trenched selfishness! So thank you to do Becky a favor help minister to her! Thank you to soothe her ache in her heart comfort her do her a favor heal her inner and physical hurt that! As I just don’t ever at all understand why I become so cold hateful of just don’t burden us with your problems! Thanking you to help her to transform her to heal her to become well and stronger vibrate full of energy today to let the inflicted inner hurt be forgotten as she awakes! As if any of my apogizes is for real since I have such hateful inner spirit! That is disgusted with a show of any weakness to need any help! As that what I really dislike in myself that I can’t become the best provider of this family! All because I can’t become the energized outgoing vibrate people person that I should have been transformed into! Thank you to all understand that it bring me to deep churning deep aggravation that have to be expected to be nice at all or help my Wife Becky or anyone else! Thank you to strengthen Becky minister to her hurt I inflict Holy Spirit! Thank you if I could quit becoming cold hearted and deeply resentful and hateful towards Becky! Is truly there ever a deliverance from this inner demonic hate of coldness Jesus Christ Of Nazareth ever! My confession that my heart grieves now of becoming such a cold monster! Yet is it so true after the fact of the offense after what I find I do throwing up my cold heart shield myself shutting down to feel anything but hate contempt! It would serve me always right if you took Becky away from me! As she doesn’t deserved to treated this way by her husband! So thank you that now I am wounder with the heart pain now of my transgression! What if really it wasn’t ever come to this anyway! What real good does it ever do to hurt afterwords in your heart! When you keep going back into robotic mode of coldness and I don’t care quit bothering me! When can I ever begin to change to have my past wounds heal over so I could quit protecting shutting down in my heart! When I don’t want to care to be grieved to protect my inner self! Thank you to heal them past wounds in my inner soul! When I had to toughen up to shut down to keep going on when those around me hurt me deeply rejected myself! So again what good does to apologize for something that going to keep happening when forward in the future! Thank you praise you to heal her grieves emotional wounds inside Becky today Holy Spirit! As I confess I am not a good husband a lot of the time when I deeply hold on live in hate of any need of weakness! As I hate that I can’t measure up to be much of anything for my family prosperity financially! 

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