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Prayer Request: Unanswered Prayers
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Unanswered Prayers (Oct 13, 2016)

Prayer Request:
First of all, I refuse to kneel to a God who allows evil to stalk, harass, curse, torment, and torture a man who had his life destroyed by a demon or demons. I refuse to work in a job that Satan has placed and planned so many weapons formed against me that are prospering, and a God who hears prayers and doesnt answer those prayers asked in faith. I refuse to suffer another second for a God who suffered a few hours and thinks people need to suffer a lot more than he did, I refuse to serve a God under any circumstances who refuses to honor my faith and answer my prayers. And if you dont like the attitude God, I dont like you....I dont like the way you hide behind Satan, and I sure dont like what you did to my life because your idiot angels trusted a demon that ended up murdering my dad. Your problem you created creator, and now you can solve your problem Steven Smith is not going to endure or suffer another day for some weak pathetic example like you are, go curse someone else King Jesus, Steve is tired of your lust for demons, amen

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