Ministry Purpose: 

The Deaconess of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church provides service to God and the Pastor as needed. This Ministry's standing duties include:

  1. The Deaconess are responsible for the preparation of the Lord's Supper table, including maintaining the linens, inventory of and arranging the communion supplies, and assuring that all things are in order for the Lord's Supper. 
  1. The Deaconess are on duty during Baptism to prepare the candidates and assist the Pastor and Deacons during the service. 
  1. Maintain the baptismal wardrobes of the Pastor and candidates.
  1. Be available during worship to assist as directed by the Pastor.

The Ministry is open to the wives of ministers and Deacons that is willing to work in a capacity of spiritual leadership and service. The attire for the first Sunday is white clothing, gloves, and bonnets.