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Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Scholarship Ministry
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    2 Timothy 2:15 – Do the best you can to be the kind of person that God will approve and give yourself to him. Be a worker who is not ashamed of his work—a worker who uses the true teaching in the right way. (International Children’s Bible) (ICB)


    Established in 2018:  The Pleasant Grove Scholarship Ministry (PGSM) evolved through the vision of our Pastor, Reverend A. C. Clark, III, to aid in the financial assistance of young people who actively participate in church services and the youth department at “The Grove.”  The Scholarship Ministry is composed of six members of the congregation selected by the Pastor.

    • Chairperson:  Nedra H. Francis

    • Committee Members: 

    • Lady Betty Clark
    • Eunice McCain-Davis
    • Deacon Carlton Peterson
    • Richela Robinson

    Purpose/Mission/Vision:  The purpose of PGSM is to demonstrate the church's commitment to our young people in their endeavors toward attaining higher education by enrolling in a post-secondary education program or attending a technical/vocational school with scholarship funds to pursue their education. 

    To this end, the PGSM uses available funds to make awards to students who are active members of the church who have been accepted to and registered as a full–time student at an accredited college/university or technical/vocational school by September 1st, Fall of the freshman year. Applicants will have the responsibility of adhering to the guidelines/policy set forth by the Scholarship Committee to meet eligibility.

    Scholarships: PGBC will offer the following two scholarships per academic school year.

    Please consider the minimum GPA and characteristics when applying for these awards. 

    • Pastor G. W. Williams Leadership Scholarship:  This scholarship is in recognition of Pastor's Leadership ability and over 60 years of service to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.  The award amount is $500. 
      • Minimum GPA = 2.7/B – (80 – 82)
      • Characteristics of an effective leader include Strong Communication, Passion & Commitment, Positivity, Innovation, and Collaboration.
    • Mabelene Canto-Robinson Scholarship:  This scholarship is in recognition of the service to the church, particularly the youth of Pleasant Grove, provided by Mrs. Canto that was such an Inspiration. The award amount is $250.
      • Minimum GPA = 2.0/C – (73 – 76)
      • Characteristics of Inspirational people include Self–giving, Humble, Courageous, Happy, have Principles and Vision.

    SOAR PROJECT - Seeking/Obtaining Academic Responsibility. 

    AWARDS & RECOGNITION:  We also encourage our youth ministry members to achieve academic excellence by participating in the SOAR project. 

    • SOAR Awards recognition will be held for students who participate in youth ministry and as an encouragement to participate as a scholarship recipient.
    • Students must provide a copy of their progress report/report cards from 6 or 9 week/period(s) when requested.
    • Students who received As or Bs can earn awards from a pre-determined list.
    • Students making Cs or below may participate in tutoring.

    For additional information about the Pleasant Grove Scholarship Ministry or SOAR Project, click this link to contact chairperson Ms. Nedra Francis.

    • Download File: Scholarship Application (55.56 KB .docx file)

    • Pleasant Grove Scholarship Ministry's 1st Seeking/Obtaining Academic Responsibility (SOAR) A/B Honor Roll-Recipient Jada Williams with parents: James & Serna Williams