Scholarship Ministry (PGSM)

Nedra Francis: President



Mission & Vision

The Pleasant Grove Scholarship Ministry (PGSM) evolved through the vision of our Pastor, Rev. A.C. Clark, III, to aid in the financial assistance of youth members who actively participate in church and youth department services at "The Grove." Our goal is to assist youth within our membership to achieve their career goals by attending post-secondary education and encourage and promote the pursuit of excellence through the SOAR (Seeking/Obtaining Academic Responsibility) Project affiliated with our Youth Ministry. Please refer to the focus verse below:

  1. Students Must provide a copy of their progress report/report cards from 6 or 9 week/period(s) when requested.
  2. Students who received As or Bs can earn awards from a pre-determined list.
  3. Students making Cs or below may participate in tutoring via

The PGSM raises monies through donations and fundraising throughout the year, oversees the annual scholarship awards, ensures timely and fair disposition of funds, and is also responsible for publicizing and soliciting applications as well as making decisions based on the applicants' responses and overall church participation.



The purpose of PGSM is to provide graduating high school students who are active members of the Youth Ministry of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church enrolled in a post-secondary education program and or institution with scholarship funds to pursue their education. We also encourage our younger youth ministry members to achieve academic excellence by participating in the SOAR project. 



1.  $500 - Pastor G.W. Williams Leadership (Pastor for 60 years)

 2. $250 - Mabelene Canto Robinson Inspiration (Worked with youth ministry)