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Music & Choir Ministry
  • The Grove

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    Minister of Music: Minister Johnny Lister
    Choir Director: Lady Betty Clark
    President of Mass Choir: Julie Brooks
    President of Men of Faith Choir:
    The MUSIC MINISTRY seeks to glorify God and minister the word of God through song and music for the uplifting of God’s kingdom, the edification of God’s children, and to win lost souls. The ministry is also responsible for enhancing the celebration of worship by accompanying the choir, choir director, and pastor with musical instruments of resonant tones and sounds. Ministry members should have a passion for the Lord's music, be committed to scheduled rehearsals, attend worship services and church outings, and willing to commit time to grow heir talent outside of scheduled rehearsals. The Music Ministry includes the pianist, organist, drummer(s), and other musical instruments.

    The CHOIR MINISTRY shall sing spiritual songs that are beneficial to the worship service. The ministry shall engage in the practice, Bible study, and choir outings to achieve and maintain a high standard of musical excellence. Choir members shall cooperate fully with the Choir Director (s) and Minister of Music and adhere to the musical program established for Pleasant Grove. The primary objective is to be used by God as instruments of praise and worship and provide avenues of increased fellowship uplifting Jesus. This ministry includes the Male Chorus, Mass Choir, Mission Chorus, Young Adult Choir, and Youth Choir.




    Song written, played and directed by Brenda Canady

    • Lady Clark, Dr. Carolyn Williams & Choir
    • Deacon Willie Creeks & Choir