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Deacon Ministry
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    I Tim. 3:8:  A deacon must be firm in his faith, stable in his convictions, sound in his beliefs, and correct in his Church loyalty. This word “reverent” signifies weight. In this sense, it speaks of one who carries weight, or one who counts for right influences.

    The word “Deacon” literally means servant. The Deacons are ordained helpers and they help the Pastor and help to support his vision. The deacons of Pleasant Grove serve the congregation in a variety of ways by providing Spiritual care and leadership to all.  The Deacons are selected by the Pastor

    As the Spiritual leaders of the church, the deacons often consult with the pastor on church-wide ministry plans and initiatives. Our pastor and deacons mutually seek discernment from the Lord in a variety of matter impacting the church, as they strive to lead by example in our mission “to make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ.”


    • He should support the Senior Pastor and by freeing them to serve in accordance with their calling.
    • He should support all phases of the Church programs to the best of his ability with his attendance, Spiritual Gifts, talents, prayers and substance.
    • He should be a faithful and systematic tither in accordance with Scripture, knowing that the tithe is a minimum requirement.  
    • He should be evangelistic and missionary in spirit, deeply interested in the salvation of people.
    • He should agree to act and speak in Christian love. He should be fully cooperative with his Pastor and Church. He should be able to refrain from destructive criticism, willing to settle all differences in a quiet and Christian manner.  
    • He should keep in secrecy those things that should not be discussed with others, especially sensitive proceedings from all deacons’ meetings.
    • He should zealously guard the spirit of unity within the Church.  
    • He should, as a spiritual leader, understand his position to be one of “ministering servant.” The wishes of the congregation must have priority over his personal wishes. He must be devoted to the spiritual welfare of the Church.
    • He should assist with serving communion.


    • Deacon James Curtis Thompson, President
    • Deacon Willie Creeks
    • Deacon Albert Clark
    • Deacon Robert E. Clark
    • Deacon Carlton Peterson 
    • Deacon Victor Trussell
  • Ordination of Deacon Victor Trussell